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Income Tax Returns

The Forms Of Return Under Income Tax Law

  • ITR-1

    It is filed by a salaried person or individuals having pension income.

  • ITR-2

    It is applicable for individuals not having income from profit and gains of business or profession.

  • ITR-3

    It is filed by the individuals having income from profit and gains of any business or profession.

  • ITR-4

    It applies to the individuals having a partnership firm opted for the presumptive taxation scheme.

  • ITR-5

    This Form is used by the artificial juridical person being a firm, AOP, LLP, BOI.

  • ITR-6

    It applies to a company claiming an exemption under section 11.

  • ITR-7

    It applies to the persons who furnish return under trusts, political parties, colleges' institution etc.

  • ITR-V

    It is the acknowledgement of filing the ITR.

Different Modes Of Filing ITR

  • Return form filed with the Income Tax department in the following ways:

  • By furnishing the return in a paper form

  • By providing the return under digital signature electronically

  • By showing the data in return electronically under electronic verification course.

  • By showing the data in return and after that submitting the verification of the return in return Form ITR-V.

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