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What Is A Trademark?

A trademark is a type of property category that includes the human intellect's conceptual creations. It consists of a distinguished design or signature. It could also be a combination of logos, symbols, words, phrases independently; or a combination of the same. This term is often confused with "copyright", although there is a difference between a trademark and copyright.

Trademark could be summarized as a tagline or a trademark with logo.

For the sake of corporate distinctiveness, trademarks are often displayed on the product itself, vouchers, coupons or sometimes even the company buildings.

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Registered Trademark | Trademark symbol

Trademarks Types

  • Generic (It originally does not classify as a trademark till it involves a specification of some sort.)

  • Descriptive Mark

  • Suggestive Mark

  • Fanciful Mark

  • Arbitrary Mark

Why To Take A Trademark?

A trademark symbol distinguishes a specific product or service's brand holder. The purpose of this is to set apart the trademark design's affiliated source from the others.

  • Trademarks make it easy for your target audience to find you:
    Trademarks/brands are an effective commercial communication tool for acquiring customer attention and distinguishing your business, products and services. The customer's mere sight to the trademark helps in recognizing who they are affiliated, instantaneously. Besides, having a trademark adds an inessential enhancement to the reputation of your business. It makes your customer less probable to get diverted to another company giving a similar product/ service. For Example; the "Swoosh" symbol is the trademark of Nike.

  • Using a Trademark is a SEO strategy (Trademark Public Search/ Trademark India Search)
    When looking for your products and services, your brand is the first item that consumers access over a search engine or social media platform. This aids in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Higher traffic on a website or social media platform results towards higher rankings, bringing in more sales, more buyers and more recognition of the brand.

Trademark Registration Process can be a little challenging, but we are here to make it easy for you.

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